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2017-18 Outbounds

Nepean-Kanata to Germany
Plattsburgh Sunrise to Denmark
Ottawa to Taiwan
Renfrew to Brazil
Cornwall Sunrise to Switzerland
North Renfrew to France
Kingston to Japan
Smith’s Falls to Spain
Cataraqui-Kingston to Italy
Canton to France
Kingston-Frontenac to Columbia
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2016-17 Inbounds

Spain to Renfrew
Taiwan to Kingston
Brazil to Nepean-Kanata
France to Plattsburgh-Sunrise
Hungary to Montréal-Ville-Marie
Italy to Kingston-Frontenac
Faroe Islands (DK) to North Renfrew
Japan to Ottawa
Sweden to Napanee
Croatia to Prescott
Germany to Orléans
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2016-17 Outbounds

Nepean-Kanata to France
Prescott To Denmark
Cataraqui-Kingston to Brazil
Montréal Ville-Marie to Sweden
Orléans To Hungary
Montréal Ville-Marie To Spain
Kingston to Germany
North Renfrew to Italy
Kingston-Frontenac to Taiwan
Ottawa to Croatia
Plattsburgh Sunrise to Japan
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2015-16 Outbounds

Plattsburgh Sunrise to Switzerland
Orleans to Slovakia
Cataraqui-Kingston to Sweden
Kingston-Frontenac to France
Ottawa to Japan
Mont-Tremblant to Hungary
Renfrew to Spain
Massena to Taiwan
Montreal Ville-Marie to Denmark
Kingston to Turkey
Deep River to Germany
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2015-16 Inbounds

German to Nepean-Kanata
Brazil to North Renfrew (Deep River)
Slovakia to Mont-Tremblant
Hungary to Cataraqui-Kingston
Switzerland to Gananoque
Sweden to Kingston
Venezuela to Cornwall Sunrise
France to Orleans
Croatia to Nepean-Kanata
Taiwan to Renfrew
Denmark to Kingston-Frontenac
Japan to Plattsburgh Sunrise
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2014-15 Outbounds

Renfrew to Croatia
Kingston Frontenac to France
North Renfrew to Mexico
Mont Tremblant to Switzerland
Brockville to Italy
Gananoque to Sweden
Nepean Kanata to Germany
Ottawa to Brazil
Cataraqui Kingston to Hungary
Cornwall to Turkey
Malone to Slovakia
Massena to Denmark
Kingston to Japan
Montreal Lakeshore to Taiwan
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2014-15 Inbounds

Slovak Republic to Kingston-Frontenac
Denmark to Orleans
France to Kingston
Germany to Massena
Turkey to Cornwall
Hungary to Ottawa
Mexico to Malone
Croatia to Mont-Tremblant
Switzerland to Nepean-Kanata
Japan to North Renfrew (Deep River)
Taiwan to Cataraqui-Kingston
Sweden to Gananoque
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2013-14 Outbounds

Cornwall to Peru
Nepean-Kanata to Denmark
Renfrew to Germany
Gananoque to Japan
Cataraqui-Kingston to Slovakia
Kingston to Mexico
Mont-Tremblant to Italy
North Renfrew to Turkey
Kingston-Frontenac to France
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2013-14 Inbounds

Turkey to Nepean-Kanata
Italy to North Renfrew
Mexico to Kingston
Denmark to Cataraqui-Kingston
Germany to Kingston
Brazil to Kingston-Frontenac
Peru to Gananoque
Japan to Mont-Tremblant
France to Cornwall
Croatia to Renfrew
Slovakia to Orleans
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2012-13 Outbounds

Ottawa to Switzerland
Kingston to Germany
Kemptville to Ecuador
Renfrew to Poland
Tupper Lake to Japan
Malone to Croatia
Massena to Denmark
Massena to Brazil
Gananoque to France
Orleans to Belgium
North Renfrew to Taiwan
Renfrew to Slovakia
Mont-Tremblant to Ecuador
Cataraqui-Kingston to Turkey
Laval Rive-Nord to Austria
Cornwall to Peru
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2012-13 Inbounds

Denmark to North Renfrew
Thailand to Kingston
Belgium to Massena
France to Tupper Lake
Turkey to Ottawa
Taiwan to Renfrew
Sweden to Cornwall
Slovakia to Mont-Tremblant
Croatia to Massena
Brazil to Catarqui-Kingston
Poland to Kemptville
Peru to Orleans
Austria to Malone
Japan to Nepean-Kanata
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