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Types of Exchanges

The objective of Rotary Exchange Programs is to foster world peace and international understanding. It is hoped that the participants will experience firsthand, the challenges and accomplishments of other countries, by living with and meeting people of different cultures. D7040 offers two types of Rotary exchange programs:

As a long-term Rotary Exchange student between the age of 15 and 18, you will spend one academic year living in another country, usually with two or more host families. You will become part of those families and their community. These Rotary accredited families are volunteers who will welcome and care for you, supervise your year and introduce you to their culture and lifestyle.

In your host country you will learn another language, experience different foods, study different subjects and enjoy a new way of living. You will also attend high school in your host district, participate in Rotary and community activities, make new friends, see exciting places and impart knowledge about the uniqueness of your country and sponsoring Rotary district.

This program provides opportunities for high school students, ages 15 – 18 to advance their knowledge and world understanding by allowing them to exchange in a foreign country.

Participants of the Family to Family Exchange Program will live with a Host Family in the selected country for a minimum of three weeks, typically during the summer, under the sponsorship of a local Rotary Club. The Short-Term Exchange asks that your family will host in return for a similar duration in time.

The maximum stay will be less than 90 days because of visa requirements and will not involve a schooling component.

Alternatively, there are the International Camps & Tour Exchanges.  

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