It’s the opportunity of a lifetime! 
Are you ready for it?

Rotary International has the best administered and lowest cost International Youth Exchange program in the world, allowing over 8,000 students to exchange annually to around 60 different countries. And, since this is a Rotary International program, you will have the opportunity for more experiences at your destination, with the Rotarians in the Rotary Club hosting you. You will also have the support of those same Rotarians to help deal with any unusually difficult situations.

Whether you participate in Rotary’s Long-Term or Short-Term Youth Exchange Programs, you’ll learn a new way of living, a great deal about yourself, and maybe even a new language. You’ll also be an ambassador, teaching people you meet about your country, culture, and ideas.

If you’re ready for the challenge and the rewards of living in another country as an exchange student, then you’re ready to discover new worlds through the Rotary Youth Exchange program.

A year of study overseas as a Rotary Youth Exchange student gives you –


  • an opportunity to develop your personal self confidence and maturity

  • an opportunity to develop a lifetime of international friendships

  • an opportunity to develop a real understanding of many different cultures

  • an opportunity to develop new language skills

  • an opportunity to develop a base for future education and career goals

  • an opportunity to develop in many ways

To understand the different types of exchanges, click here. For more information and to find the application forms, click here.